Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Random acts of Randomess

As you can tell I am diligently trying to get back in the type of things with this blogging.  A internet blog mishap has made me weary and well the twin went from one year olds to Two year old and somewhere in between my wife and I were simultaneously laid off ans had some MAJOR relationship strife.  Somewhere along all that I feel i may have lost my mind or just small chunks of it .. because I can remember anything ??? My wife swears it was my 1 year stent working graveyards while trying to be a 911 dispatcher.  I dont know exactly but a lot of it is a blur.  Anyhow, i am trying to re-animate my blogging skills. Most of you you know I can TALK, Talk, Talk ... and go on.

Today, I was watching the girls play at one of their favorite indoor play place and a few thing happened.  One was I realized I was a tad TAD bit sad as I watched all the Mommies have their play dates and they sa and talked and many had new babies. For a second I felt sad/bad because I don't have that type of friend ships with people. I want it, but people just seem to disappoint me most of the time.  I am not a loner or a looser but my kids don't have a present "Antie" and I am not "Antie" to anyone and this kid of bums me out.
I'm super friendly and very open  and loyal but yet i just don't have friends in that capacity.   I am pretty butch looking and maybe that has something to do with it I dunno.

The next thing that happens was that there were two different Russian families there and being a
big ol' HOMO. I actually felt uneasy.  I know, I know.... but something clicked and I realized and thought of my grandmother and her hang up with Germans (she is a Holocaust survivor the only one from her family) I did not think these people would kill me or anything - though the women when I  encountered them were rude. But was I being over sensitive? Then I worried for my kids.  I watched them and worried what hardships they will encounter and have to endure and I felt bad for a second for them but then a request for "fishies" to snack on  brought me back to reality.

Lastly, hey I warned you this was a random post about my daily randomness .. Normally i have to mentally regurgitate this all right be for bed which makes it a BITCH to fall asleep.  some kids are just rude and I am 1000% sure it because they have dipsh** parents who are equally rude.  There were kids playing a brother/sister sibling set and they  were pushing kids and not taking turns. They were older and their mom was present for one incident and she just said to the kid who pushed a 2 year old .. "did you just push her why did you push her " and then NOTHING... no Sorry to the little girl no apology or look of shame to the mom to acknowledge here children are lil shits that she clearly has no control of these kids. Then there was the incident i was involved in where my kids were in line to use a trampoline and there was a kid in front of us who was just starting to jump.  I explained to my twins that we need to wait our turn and referenced a GABBA GABBA episode and here come sibling set who jump on trampoline so the mom of the lil girl who was just starting to jump said something but the kids kept jumping ( its one kid at a time  - unless your sibs) and they the lil shits did not get out and so I went a lil cray cray politely.  The kids just stared at me  and then i made a not nice face and they jumped off ...  I get  that you want MOM time at the play place and its ok if you sit out but check in  with your kids once in a while.

Ok, I feel better and boy can i use a drink.... that's a whole new blog topic.

- J

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  1. Ohhhhhh....that last part gave me a flashback to my one and only trip to Chuck E Cheese's. I came real close to giving one kid five across the eyes because he kept jumping on my daughter.