Thursday, September 12, 2013

Not In My House

The  writing prompt  for today is, words that are off-limits in your house.  This is that super awesome  blogging group I mention in the last post.  

When I was a wee one myself I recall not being able to ever say shut-up.  I mean shut -up is not even that bad, is it?  Growing up my parents were not super strict but there was definitely a whole other level of respect than what i see families have today or even my family. Okay my kids are TWO but I know my Wife does not command that kind of respect. I on the other hand am more of the authoritarian of the family and i like to think I run a tight ship and am on top of things and have my own shit together. I like to think that I am pretty scheduled but the reality is I have twins and so my vision of the aforementioned may not 100% coincide with the actual act of the aforementioned.  My father is not native to this country and had a very strict upbringing.  There was not much love in my fathers family.  My mother well,  I think her and her sisters were seen as princesses so I don't think there was much in the way of respect like my fathers family.  Their dynamic is quite amazing.  My Grandparents I don't think even loved each-other they were just placed in DP camps ( displaced persons) after WWII and both lost their entire family.  My Grandmother  basically said to my Grandfather who was 20 years older, " look we have no one and we should get married so we have each-other ... he reluctantly obliged and then  after being married she said well I need to have children.  Which he also reluctantly obliged and thus my father was born.  Then my grandmother said he needs a play mate and convince my grandfather to have one more child. But growing up they did not really utter the word love everything was done out of fear and RESPECT, Anyhow its prolly way off topic and can be its entirely own blog.  

The words in our house hold that will be off limits will probably be stupid and using Gay pejoratively.  Its really hard to do this because they are two and even at two I allow them freedom to say things.  I have a major potty mouth, I speak like a real trucker... and I dont really sensor myself around my kids but do so around other kids. Oddly.   I actually taught my girls during Gay Pride to say  Yay, Gay Pride - GO HOMOS... terrible right?  But for our NORMAL its ok but reality is in the world if they say GO HOMO it will be frowned upon.  I spoke briefly to my wife about this and the 1st word out of her mouth was also STUPID.  I would prefer they not use the C word  and my wife expressed her distaste for  Bitch.  I think at this point its just really hard  to imagine them saying anything bad.  I will also add in our household we speak English but use lots of words  in Yiddish and Hebrew and  Polish and Hungarian... all the bad things I learned in other languages. So that is quite comical to hear my children refer to their vagina in another language which I know what it is but others really have no clue.  

I would like to remove the words UGLY, and FAT but the girls will hear all kinds of stuff from the outside world and I will explain when the appropriate time is to use the words and when its not ok.  Right now, at two years ols , as you can see from the picture on the left  I would really like to remove the word NO.  They say it with such conviction and meaning and power,  its comical (see photo of No to the left ) and I am glad they said YES, way be for no reared its head ( patting myself on the back).  

Check out what other bloggers are saying their off limit words are and you may wanna add some to your list.  


  1. You DO deserve a pat on the back for the Yes before NO! I had to laugh at the "vision of the aforementioned not becoming the reality of the aforementioned". I also have twins and my reality & vision are in different universes at this point. Nice post!

  2. I want to know what the Yiddish word for vagina is! My child has picked up her father's Portuguese accent and once told her pediatrician, while pointing at her chest, "These are my neeples."

  3. I don't like fat either. I guess if there is one word (no, there are a few) that really bother me, that one is waaaaay up on the list. I actually wrote a post about it a while ago.